Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tutorial: How to turn dramatic wrinkles into modern art

Step 1. Open up a photo in photoshop

Step 2. Add a black and white adjustment layer in the layers pallete.

Step 3. Blend the layer by selecting overlay in the layers pallete.

Step 4. Duplicate the original layer by pressing ctrl + j

Step 5. Go to filter, artistic, plastic wrap and change settings to 20, 15, 15.
Step 6. Change the blending mode by selecting multiply in layers pallette.

Step 7. Add layer mask by selecting it in layers pallette.

Step 8. Go to Filter, Stylize, and find edges

Step 9. Choose filter, other, and minimum

Step 10. Choose Filter, Artistic, Cutout

Step 11. Choose filter, artistic, pallette knife.